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Top five news, features and blog posts on Journalism.co.uk in 2010 (by page views)

OK, we know it’s quality not quantity that counts, but it’s still fascinating (to us at least) to learn which stories have attracted the most traffic over the course of a year.

Unsurprisingly, Wikileaks is prominent as was the televised leaders debate during the general election. And some old faithfuls continue to pull in traffic from jobseekers and ‘wannabe’ freelancers (this year that was probably mostly unemployed journalism graduates and recently ‘redundant’ journalists).

But stories about paywalls failed to even come close…


  1. Reporters Without Borders to host mirror site for WikiLeaks
  2. Julian Assange: Financial threats to WikiLeaks are serious
  3. Sky News defends Kay Burley’s interview treatment of 38 Degrees director
  4. New tools for Sky journalists as social media strategy moves from one to many
  5. Dates announced for UK leaders’ election debates on Sky, BBC and ITV


  1. How to: Get started as a freelance journalist
  2. Daniell Morrisey: How to prepare a killer CV
  3. Daniell Morrisey: How to make the most of work experience
  4. How to: find contacts and information about people online
  5. How to: write the perfect press release for journalists

Blog posts:

  1. Ten things every journalist should know in 2010
  2. Wikileaks releases video showing Apache shooting of Reuters news staff
  3. The 100 most influential news media Twitter accounts
  4. Are you on the j-list? The leading innovators in journalism and media in 2010
  5. ‘A real free press for the first time in history’: WikiLeaks editor speaks out in London

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Guardian: Journalists win claim of unfair dismissal from Sky

Two journalists have won claims for unfair dismissal and sex discrimination, it was reported yesterday, with a tribunal ruling that they were axed from their jobs at Sky “because they were mothers with young children”.

The Guardian reports that BSkyB now faces a £200,000 payout to Natalie Stone and Victoria Waterson.

The pair were overlooked for a new position of video producer, which was given to the then senior Sky executive Mike Taylor’s personal assistant, Dee Lakhan. Taylor, head of networked media at Sky Movies, had a “mindset adverse to pregnancy and maternity leave”, the tribunal found.

Both journalists are now seeking compensation for loss of earnings and injury to feelings, the report adds.

BBC News: Media rivals join forces against Murdoch

The BBC reports this morning that rival media groups have come together and called on business secretary Vince Cable to consider blocking Murdoch’s planned bid for the remainder of BSkyB.

Signatories are said to include the heads of the BBC and Channel 4 and chief executives of newspapers including the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Mail and the Mirror. The letter argues that any such bid would “reduce diversity in the industry”.

In June, News Corp told the board of BSkyB that it was prepared to pay 700p a share to take full control of the leading satellite broadcaster. BSkyB’s directors said the offer was £1 per share too low, but agreed to resume negotiations after regulatory hurdles have been cleared.

News Corporation has been confident that it could demonstrate that the combination of BSkyB with News Corporations’ UK newspapers – the Sun, the Times, the News of the World and the Sunday Times – does not pose a serious threat to competition.

This follows news last month that similar calls on Vince Cable were being backed by the National Union of Journalists while founder of Enders Analysis Claire Enders wrote to Cable to voice her concerns over the future plurality of the media.

BBC release: BBC, ITV and Sky submit joint letter calling for three live televised election debates

The BBC has made the following announcement on its site:

“BBC, ITV and Sky have today written to the leaders of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties with a joint proposal for three live televised debates during the next general election campaign.

“The individual broadcasters would be responsible for producing and broadcasting one debate each between all three party leaders.

“Each of the three debates would be transmitted live by the originating broadcaster in peak time and made available to all other British broadcasters subsequently.

“The broadcasters have formed a joint team to discuss detailed plans with the political parties.

“Each of the broadcasters will seek to make suitable arrangements for ensuring due impartiality across the UK.”

Sky News on Georgia – let’s start with a geography lesson…

Sky News’ online section ‘Georgia In Depth’ is an aggregation of pictures, articles and info about the eastern European country, which borders with Russia, as part of coverage of the current conflict in the region

So that’s the Georgia between sandwiched between Europe and Asia and not the US state then?

If you’re going to use Wikipedia, at least get the right entry. Thank goodness for the disclaimer… it’s no one’s fault!

(Also, why does the site publish Wikipedia excerpts at all if, as the disclaimer suggests, Sky News has little faith in their accuracy?)

Sky ramps up ads in online video

Sky is to increase advertising on its video content across its sports, news, showbiz, travel, motoring and style sections.

The deal with in-video advertising firm Adjustables will see a range of new ad formats featured in the content.

Sky Sports has already recorded 14 million video ad impressions online and Sky News 3.5 million, according to a release from Adjustables.

The partnership underlines Sky’s commitment to online video, Tom Bevan, operations manager at Sky Digital Media, said.

“Within our growing portfolio, video is clearly something that differentiates Sky’s online offering. We’re particularly well served by a wide variety of unique video content, be that from Sky’s core content business or web exclusive material,” he said.

Sky News new beta site

Sky News has launched a beta version of its new website, to run in parallel with its existing news site.

It has adopted a top story carousel for the homepage that displays the latest breaking news in video and pictures.

It has also added a story tracker in the right column, which lets you follow a story as it develops, and in the left column a See Your News personalisation feature.

“What you are visiting is very much work in progress. We are testing and trialling new features and a very different design,” Steve Bennedik, editor of Sky News Networked Media, wrote on his blog. Play free online slots no download on this website.

“At the same time we are still offering our existing site. When we are ready, we will switch off the old site and this will be our public face.”