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TNW Media: Two years after newspaper closes, 67% of its journalists earning less

TNW Media reports that a former editor of the now-closed Rocky Mountain News in Denver, Colorado surveyed his former journalists to find out what they are now earning. Most of them are earning less than they did when they worked for the paper, which shut two years ago.

146 of the paper’s 194 journalists responded to Temple’s survey which found that 67% of them now earn less than in their old job at the Rocky Mountain News, with 57% saying that they now earn “Much less” than in their old job.

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The Media Business: ‘Good intentions are not enough for providing news’

Robert G. Picard, an academic specialising in media economics and management, takes a realistic look at journalism as a charitable enterprise:

“Many journalists pursuing new online initiatives are learning that good intentions are not enough for providing news.

“The latest group to do so is former Rocky Mountain News reporters who started rockymountainindependent.com this past summer using a membership payment and advertising model.

“The effort collapsed October 4 with them telling readers, “We put everything into producing content and supporting our independent partners, but we can no longer afford to produce enough content to justify the membership.”

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Denver Business Journal: Ex-Rocky Mountain News journalists’ venture to stop original content

Hailed as a phoenix rising from the ashes of the Rocky Mountain News, the Rocky Mountain Independent, the second venture launched by former News journalists, will no longer produce original content as of today.

Subscribers to the site were told that the website’s owners could no longer support producing new content with their current revenues.

Its previous incarnation – InDenver Times, which fell short of subscription level targets after two months of life – will continue to run as a local news aggregation service with some contributed content.

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Newseum.org: Video – ‘The next generation of news’

We can’t embed it, so follow this link for a video looking at ‘Going Digital – the Next Generation of News’ from the Newseum, with some interesting interview extracts and a look at the Rocky Mountain News’ last days and the online future at Christian Science Monitor. Full story at this link…

DNA09 – Economically distressed but making the most of it

It started off bleakly, but the talk got more positive as the participants warmed up. These are four digital leaders, driving forward ambitious online projects in their respective countries:

  • Eric Echikson, Google’s senior manager for communications in Brussels
  • Katharina Borchert, chief editor of the online newspaper DerWesten.de and also the managing director of WAZ NewMedia
  • Pierre Haski, president of the society and editor-in-chief of the online French newspaper, Rue89

In a discussion led by Richard Gizbert, the panel discussed their hopes for opportunism in a dire economic climate.

Starting with a gloomy video reminder of the demise of the Rocky Mountain News, the panel were then probed on their own thoughts and experiences.

Katharina Borchert, from WAZ media, said the last 3-5 years have been a real opportunity, despite the fact they’re currently laying off a third of their staff.

To be using user-generated content in the way they are would have been unthinkable three years ago, she said.

Web is no longer an add-on, she said. There’s ‘more freedom to create content for the web’.

Video is the most popular content on their site, she added.

Pierre Haski, who left his job at Liberation newspaper to set up the independent French newspaper, realised the opportunity for different types of conversations with readers.

“Through blogging you reconnect with your readers. We tried to develop a model of participative news website, where readers could contribute to news process,” he explained.

After failing to sell the idea to Liberation, he and other colleagues left to launch Rue89.

“Not only will we survive the crisis but we will make money next year,” he said.

Then, Munthe, who set up his agency Demotix in a bid to source citizen journalism from around the world to counter what he perceived as a lack of original foreign news content.

“The flip side of the doom and gloom there are all sorts of opportunities out there,” he said.

He’s not worried about the content control, as editing happens within the process. “Who figured out three columns of smoke was wrong? Bloggers. That’s exactly what Demotix is trying to replicate.”

Demotix tries to bring together collaborative voices to self-correct stories and content, Munthe explained.

SND.org: 10 things I learned at the Rocky

“My mind races between sadness, disbelief, anger and a cold, whispering fear that what we are facing as an industry could very well do the rest of us in,” writes Jonathon Berlin.

In a visually interesting post, Berlin, who used to be designer and assistant design director at the newspaper, shows his appeciation for the things he learnt there.

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VisualEditors: Rocky Mountain News goes retro with final front page

Following yesterday’s news that today [Friday] sees the very last edition of Colarado newspaper, Rocky Mountain News, here’s it’s final front page – and it’s gone old school.

Presentation director, Kathy Bogan described the look to Charles Apple, of the VisualEditors blog:

“It’s a Charles Chamberlin creation (with our crack team on what-kind-of-page-do-you-do-when-you’re-shutting-down-an-almost-150-year-old-newspaper).

It wraps – the right hand side is the front page, which uses the front page of the first Rocky from 1859 and a letter from us to the world; the back page (on the left) is a list of the staff on this our last day.”

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