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VisualEditors: Rocky Mountain News goes retro with final front page

Following yesterday’s news that today [Friday] sees the very last edition of Colarado newspaper, Rocky Mountain News, here’s it’s final front page – and it’s gone old school.

Presentation director, Kathy Bogan described the look to Charles Apple, of the VisualEditors blog:

“It’s a Charles Chamberlin creation (with our crack team on what-kind-of-page-do-you-do-when-you’re-shutting-down-an-almost-150-year-old-newspaper).

It wraps – the right hand side is the front page, which uses the front page of the first Rocky from 1859 and a letter from us to the world; the back page (on the left) is a list of the staff on this our last day.”

Full story at this link…