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Reuters: Google wants to ‘fast lane’ its news, reports WSJ

Google has approached certain internet carriers with a proposal to create a ‘fast lane’ for its own content, ‘countering’ its previously stance of equal network access for all content providers, reports Reuters, citing a Wall Street Journal article. ‘Google’s proposal, called OpenEdge, would place Google servers directly within the network of the service providers’, the report continues.

NYTimes.com: Politico and Reuters begin news distribution alliance

As reported at NYTimes.com and elsewhere, Politico and Reuters have joined forced to offer articles to newspapers and sell advertising on newpspaper websites: ‘the latest step in the rising competition among electronic news media to fill the void left by the shrinking print business,’ NYTimes.com reports.

Reuters.co.uk: Put your questions to David Cameron via Twitter now

Reuters is hosting an interview with David Cameron via Twitter. This morning (Monday), from 10am, the Conservative party leader David Cameron is talking about the economy and the credit crunch at Thomson Reuters’ Canary Wharf office and his speech will be followed by a question and answer session. Users of Twitter can use the tag #askDC to put questions to Cameron, and Reuters will monitor all the responses. The questions are already coming in. The Reuters Newsmaker can be used to track all proceedings.

‘Trust and integrity in the modern media’ – Chris Cramer’s speech to Nottingham Trent University

This is the full transcript of a speech given by Chris Cramer, global head of multimedia for Reuters’ news operations, at Nottingham Trent University last night. Journalism.co.uk’s report on the address can be read at this link.

So I accepted this invitation shortly after I retired from CNN international – where I was managing director and where I’d been for 11 years or so.

I became a consultant for Reuters news in January and now, in the last few months, have become their first global editor for multimedia.

So, I’m talking to you today as a working journalist, broadcaster and manager for 43 years now and what I would like to talk about is ‘trust and integrity in the modern media’.

I also want to ask the question of you whether the media has maybe lost the message somewhere along the way?

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