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Greenslade: Wapping executive changes herald move to seven-day operation

News International announced yesterday in a release that it was creating a “managing editor structure” at its four newspapers.

Roy Greenslade has analysed the Brooksspeak, which indicates that a move to integrate the daily and Sunday titles could be afoot.

See more details in the full post at this link.

Guardian: The anguish of swapping to wapping

The Guardian has dipped into the archive and dusted off a 15-year-old article from by Guardian editor – then features writer – Alan Rusbridger about News International’s move to Wapping.

Rusbridger’s article charts the bitterly disputed move from Fleet Street in 1986, which he describes as “the new dawn of the newspaper industry”.

Journalists were reportedly given a choice between a pay rise and a move to Wapping, or the sack. There was rancour, but eventually they agreed and made the move.

And what a world awaited them. When they had left work on Friday night they had left behind them a slightly seedy office – paper-strewn, dog-eared desks with ageing typewriters and half-drunk cups of coffee. And there on Monday morning was a gleaming dust-free open-plan room. A clinic more than an office. The whole of it was bathed in soothing computer-compatible light. For there in front of them stood row upon row of gleaming dust-free computers.

Full story on Guardian.co.uk at this link.