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Digital Trends: LinkedIn launches aggregated news service

A post on Digital Trends website reports that LinkedIn has launched a news aggregation service as a way of increasing the length of time people spend on the site.

Think about it: How much time do you actually spend in LinkedIn.com? Unless you’re fine-tuning your profile or searching for potential employees, the answer is probably not a lot. Most of us are content to let our accounts sit there until we can post an addition to our resume. Of course LinkedIn knows this, which is why it’s launching LinkedIn Today.

Full post on Digital Trends at this link

10,000 Words: It helps to remember the ‘person’ in ‘personal branding’

Building up a personal brand is not all about having a presence on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn – it is also about being a ‘person’ Mark Luckie reminds readers of his 10,000 Words blog in a post detailing the lessons he has learnt.

As someone who has built up his own successful brand alongside his blog for journalists and technologists, and who recently celebrated being appointed the new National Innovations Editor for the Washington Post, Luckie advises journalists to remember the value of the ‘personal’ in personal branding.

In summary his tips are:

  • Be nice.
  • Show don’t tell. Make your work available online and share experience.
  • Say yes to new opportunities.
  • Do a favour for someone. It could be returned later down the line.
  • Ditch the ‘rules’ and follow your passion.

See his full post here…

Discounts for tonight’s freelancers’ networking party at the Frontline

Feel the need for some networking? Contacts book looking a bit bare? The Frontline Club in London is offering Journalism.co.uk readers a half-price ticket offer for its latest networking party, tonight, Wednesday 21 April.

The theme of the evening is original video journalism and the club will be showcasing four unusual, innovative films, including an exclusive preview of a Current TV documentary on South Africa. The event takes place at the club, near Paddington Station at 13 Norfolk Place from 7pm.

The first 10 Journalism.co.uk readers to email events [at] frontlineclub.com with “Journalism.co.uk Frontline networking offer” in the subject heading will receive up to two tickets at £10, a full 50 per cent off the normal price (payment will be accepted on the door but advance booking is essential).