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#FollowJourn: @Mattintouch/cit-j site vice-president

#FollowJourn: Matthieu Stefani

Who? Vice president of Citizenside, who tweets in a mixture of French and English.

What? Citizenside is a citizen journalism site with some high-profile partners including Agence France-Presse and 20minutes.fr.

Where? @mattintouch.

Contact? On Twitter.

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Citizenzide launches English iPhone app

Amateur photography and video platform backed by Agence France Presse (AFP), Citizenside has launched an English version of its iPhone application in beta.

The app is intended as a mobile news reporting app for news organisations

“We’re really proud of this V1.2 application as French contributors are using the 1.1 version more and more and understand its goals: share news, faster,” Matthieu Stefani, vice president of Citizenside, told Journalism.co.uk in an email.

“As the international application market is more than 20 times bigger than French one, let’s hope we will receive more than 20 times more pictures.”

In an interview last month, Stefani told us the app will tap into an existing community of picture-sharers and amateur videojournalists, as well as promoting geotagged submissions.

Flickr and geotagging: Part of the newsgathering model?

After speaking with Matthieu Stefani from cit-j platform Citizenside about how the site mobilises its users to cover local news events, a Flickr development came to mind as a useful tool for tracking/aggregating content around breaking news.

Using Flickr’s map function, you can search by keyword and location. A quick search for bushfire and Australia, for example, brings up a host of images from Flickr users:

Screenshot of Flickr's geotagged images map

A great resource for news organisations looking for new images and on-the-ground witnesses and contributors (just remember to respect Creative Commons licencing and attribution principles).

Flickr announced last week that it has passed the 100 million mark for geotagged images and the site has also introduced a feature, as part of the geotagging process, called ‘nearby’, which allows users to search for other geotagged images located with a 1km radius of their photo.