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#newsrw: ‘The fact that multimedia is visual is a huge benefit to radio,’ says @newsleader

In the latest Q&A on our news:rewired site, media consultant and top radio tipster Justin Kings describes how radio can make the most of multimedia tools.

The fact that much of multimedia is visual is a huge benefit to radio. We’ve seen how images, videos and so on can help enhance the radio experience. In terms of social media, I would suggest radio is itself a social media. By that I mean it shares similar characteristics, it is personal, it’s interactive and reactive. So, again, tools like Twitter can complement content on the radio.

news:rewired » Q&A: Justin Kings, media consultant, Newsleader.

Newsleader: Winners of the ‘Talkies’ 2009

Justin Kings, radio journalist and media consultant (check out his biog here) has chosen his best radio of 2009 – in what he calls ‘The Talkies’.

Here’s his one of his winners in the ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ / multimedia category, awarded to Adam Westbrook for his work in Iraq – as a local radio journalist.

Adam Westbrook was sent [to Iraq] for Viking FM to cover the story of North Yorkshire soldiers serving out there. As well as filing radio pieces, he enhanced the experience for the audience by shooting video, nicely packaged, and producing a very effective audio slide show. It is a great example of what can be achieved within local commercial radio news.

An example of his video content here:

Full post at this link…

Adam Westbook and Justin Kings will both be speaking at news:rewired, 14 January 2010, City University.

12 hours worth of radio interview tips from @NewsLeader

On May 27, from 8am to 8pm, @NewsLeader aka Justin Kings, tweeted tips from BBC and commercial broadcasters as ‘a day of advice aimed at producing better interviews’. Any tip without a credit before it was Kings’ own advice. His media consultancy can be found at Newsleadermediaconsultancy.com. Previous radio tips appeared here (for radio) and here (for news editors).

Update: We followed them via this post, but we’ve now collected all the tweets via TweetPaste and reproduced them here for your enjoyment. Apologies for the occasional ugly bits of code: TweetPaste doesn’t seem to like &s and speech marks.

All-day interview tips from @NewsLeader – Wednesday 27th May

Tomorrow, from 8am to 8pm, @NewsLeader aka Justin Kings, will be tweeting tips from BBC and commercial broadcasters as ‘a day of advice aimed at producing better interviews’.

“Journalists from BBC Radio 1 and the World Service, editors from Sony nominated Beacon Radio and Jack FM, and BBC local radio are amongst the contributors,” Kings, who runs the media consultancy NewsLeader, told Journalism.co.uk.

“I think it’s exciting because it’s rare that people from BBC and commercial sectors get to share best practice with each other,” Kings said. “It’s not too late to share tips via @newsleader,” he added.