Newsleader: Winners of the ‘Talkies’ 2009

Justin Kings, radio journalist and media consultant (check out his biog here) has chosen his best radio of 2009 – in what he calls ‘The Talkies’.

Here’s his one of his winners in the ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ / multimedia category, awarded to Adam Westbrook for his work in Iraq – as a local radio journalist.

Adam Westbrook was sent [to Iraq] for Viking FM to cover the story of North Yorkshire soldiers serving out there. As well as filing radio pieces, he enhanced the experience for the audience by shooting video, nicely packaged, and producing a very effective audio slide show. It is a great example of what can be achieved within local commercial radio news.

An example of his video content here:

Full post at this link…

Adam Westbook and Justin Kings will both be speaking at news:rewired, 14 January 2010, City University.

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