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Tool of the week for journalists – The Interviewr

Tool of the week: The Interviewr

What is it? A tool to schedule, record and archive interviews

How is it of use to journalists? The Interviewr has been designed for journalists. It allows you to schedule phone interviews, add notes and questions you want to ask, record and store the audio, and upload related files.

Free to use, the Intreviewr uses Twilio to power the recording of phone calls. After entering your phone number (with a +44 at the start, if you are in the UK) and the interviewee’s number (again with the country code), both will receive a call at the scheduled time and the conversation will automatically be recorded. You will then be able to download it and play it back.

The Interviewr is still in beta and is developing a subscriber service. There is also an iPhone app (priced at £1.99), allowing you to start the interview and playback the audio from your phone.

Radio Times: Vote for the greatest broadcast interview of all time

Inspired by the BBC College of Journalism’s Art of the Interview season, the Radio Times is calling for people to vote for the greatest broadcast interview of all time.

Contenders include Robin Day’s 1959 ITN interview with the Japanese Foreign Minister, in which Day was accused of “treachery”; drunken antics from both sides when Bill Grundy interviewed the Sex Pistols on ITV in 1976; more drunken antics from both sides when Francis Bacon took Melvyn Bragg out for lunch in 1985; David Frost’s “When the President does it, that means it is not illegal” interview with Richard Nixon; Sarah Palin’s excruciating inability to name a newspaper she reads when asked by Katie Couric on the 2008 campaign trail; and Adam Boulton’s lively spat with Alastair Campbell during the tense 2010 general election negotiations.

You can see the full shortlist at this link and cast your vote here.