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US group releases draft guidelines for online content syndication

A group of online content syndicators including the Associated Press, Reuters, Tribune Company and CBS has released a proposed set of guidelines for content syndication, according to a report from MediaWeek.

The Internet Content Syndication Council began considering the guidelines at the beginning of July.

The guidelines are aimed at countering the effect that the group sees as a growing and dangerous trend on the web – the rise of shoddy, poorly-sourced and edited content, often produced solely with gaming search engines in mind.

The proposed guidelines will now be open to review by its membership and the wider online media industry.

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MediaWeek: Trade group discusses quality guidelines for syndicated content

The Internet Content Syndication Council, whose members include Thomson Reuters and the Tribune Company, are reportedly discussing a public set of quality guidelines for online content, which could include an accreditation process for syndicated content.

The plans are in response to the growth of companies such as Demand Media and Associated Content, whose link-heavy, search-optimised articles, the council believes, make online publishing less valuable.

They specifically want to call more attention to the ability of these content generators to seed their articles through search, which in their eyes squeezes out professionally produced content.

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