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Hello new Hello: a website redesign

Journalism.co.uk learns that Hellomagazine.com has a new look, designed with both advertiser and reader in mind, according to a press release issued today.  This follows the recruitment of reader bloggers last month.

  • A new horizontal navigation bar to complement its picture-led celebrity news.
  • A flash-driven home pic gallery, which shows the latest stories in a constantly changing rotation.
  • More prominence for the lifestyle section, with larger images.

In the press release the website editor Verity J Smart said:

“The new design allows us to present even more news on the home page, looks clear and uncluttered and means our images even larger than before – always a plus on a photo-driven site. We love it – and hope you do, too!”

Hello magazine calls for reader bloggers

Four months after the launch of Hello Magazine’s first blog, Hellomagazine.com has called for readers to volunteer themselves as ‘official hellomagazine.com online bloggers’.

In an interview with Onlinejournalismblog.com, Hello’s Online Marketing Manager, David Whitcomb, said: “I think the launch of our own blog and the move into community-based blogs is a way of making our readers get a bit more involved in the hellomagazine.com brand rather than any initial commercial considerations. These are always on the table, and we are looking into ways of commercialising potential blogs.”