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#followjourn: @stefanstern – Stefan Stern/director of strategy, Edelman

Who? Stefan Stern, management writer and director of strategy at Edelman, London.

Where? Formerly a weekly columnist for the FT on management, Stefan moved to Edelman last year and blogs for them at Stefan Stern on Management. He has also recently contributed to the Guardian.

Twitter? @stefanstern

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Robin Hamman: Why I’m joining Edelman as digital director

Robin Hamman, who is leaving business consultancy Headshift to join PR firm Edelman, as director of digital, explains why he’s enthusiastic and excited about the move, on his blog:

[I]f you’re not familiar with the thought leadership coming out of Edelman Digital, or the Edelman Insights, Case Studies, or the Global Peace Index and the Edelman Trust Barometer, do take a look – Edelman’s websites are a treasure trove of great content.

Full blog post at this link…

Hamman, who was head of blogging for the BBC before joining Headshift, is following the BBC’s former director of global media, Richard Sambrook who recently became Edelman’s first ever chief content editor.

Robin Hamman will be be speaking at Journalism.co.uk’s ‘grassroots’ media session at next week’s POLIS / BBC College of Journalism Value of Journalism (#VOJ10) conference (11 June 2010).

Independent: Are PR agencies forging the new journalism?

PRs, who once had to go through the prism of journalism to convey their messages to a mass audience, are increasingly confident in circumventing traditional media altogether. In generating their own video and text-based digital content on behalf of clients, they are not only taking the bread from the table of a weakened advertising sector but encroaching onto the old territory of television and press companies.

The Independent’s Ian Burrell looks specifically at Edelman, the PR firm which has recently hired former BBC man Richard Sambrook and the Financial Times’ Stefan Stern, and suggests that the American-owned PR firm has a different strategy from other public relations agencies: it wants to take its clients’ messages directly to the consumer.

“The mantra is that every company has to be a media company in their own right, telling their own stories not just through websites but through branded entertainment, video, iPad and mobile applications,” says Sambrook in the Independent article. “Big companies are going directly to the consumer to engage them now, rather than through display or spot ads and the traditional means of trying to reach consumers. You can’t just be out there shouting at people about your brand, you’ve got to engage with them quite carefully, and the editorial skills that I can bring can help with that.”

Social media has given PR agencies an advantage over ad agencies in reaching the consumer, says the piece, but will PR fill the news void as traditional media continues to fragment? Or will audiences still need a third-party filter or endorsement?

Full story at this link…

Event: Richard Sambrook tomorrow at the Frontline Club

Hot on the heels of his appointment by PR agency Edelman as its first chief content officer and vice president, Richard Sambrook will reflect on his 30-year career with the BBC at an event at London’s Frontline Club tomorrow night.

Current director of global news at the broadcaster, Sambrook announced his departure in November. At the event he’ll discuss the people and events that have shaped his career in an on-stage interview with the BBC College of Journalism’s director Vin Ray.

More details are here and Journalism.co.uk will be in the audience to report back.

BBC global news director Sambrook joins Edelman PR

Richard Sambrook, who left his post as global news director of the BBC, will become PR agency Edelman’s first chief content officer and vice-president, PR week reports.

Sambrook announced his departure from the BBC in November and announced his departure date as March 2010. He said he was planning to spend more time working as a visiting fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in Oxford, before taking up a new role outside of journalism and broadcasting.

Sambrook recently oversaw the corporation’s coverage of the Iranian post-election protests and spoke to Journalism.co.uk about the BBC’s use of user-generated content in its reports.