BBC global news director Sambrook joins Edelman PR

Richard Sambrook, who left his post as global news director of the BBC, will become PR agency Edelman’s first chief content officer and vice-president, PR week reports.

Sambrook announced his departure from the BBC in November and announced his departure date as March 2010. He said he was planning to spend more time working as a visiting fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in Oxford, before taking up a new role outside of journalism and broadcasting.

Sambrook recently oversaw the corporation’s coverage of the Iranian post-election protests and spoke to about the BBC’s use of user-generated content in its reports.

2 thoughts on “BBC global news director Sambrook joins Edelman PR

  1. Graham.Creative.

    The re-tweets of this topic show no sign of slowing down. Which means two things: The announcement that Richard Sambrook will be joining Edelman – the world’s largest independent PR firm – as Global Vice Chairman and Chief Content Officer is BIG news. Secondly it means that people often hit the RT button without a second thought behind its significance. I’ve gone into more depth on my blog; it’s fascinating for sure:

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