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Reportr.net: Innovative funding led to ‘Ghana:Digital Dumping’ film

Alfred Hermida comments on the ‘innovative funding approach’ that led to this: a documentary on the global traffic in e-waste. He says:

“Among the headline-grabbing findings, the students bought a hard drive in Ghana which contained sensitive US Homeland data about military contracts.”

The film was produced by students at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism and aired on FRONTLINE/World on June 23.

Hermida, who is assistant professor at the UBC School of Journalism, writes:

“The work was produced as part of an new course in International Reporting run by my colleague, Peter Klein.

“But it was only possible due to an innovative funding approach that combines social entrepreneurship, journalism education and professional partnerships.”

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Current TV’s Vanguard video journalism programme to launch in the UK

Image of Current TV website

Current TV, the peer-to-peer online news and information site, will later this month launch its investigative journalism program, Vanguard, on its cable TV channel in the UK.

(watch the trailer here…)

Vanguard is a youth-orientated weekly show focusing on behind-the-headlines stories from across the globe.

The show, which already runs on Current’s US cable TV channel and online, will feature reports from China on the trade in e-waste, the rise in organised attacks on migrants in Russia and the lawlessness of the oil-rich Niger Delta, when it launches.

“Lots of news organisations are scaling back their productions of international reports that go beyond the immediate headlines,” Laura Ling, vice president of Vanguard told Journalism.co.uk.

“I think that’s unfortunate. We are trying to look beyond the headlines, trying to be out in front of events so that we can have a better understanding of what’s going on [in the world].”

This latest move is an extension of the journalism already carried on the integrated web and TV platform. Last month, Guardian reporters began submitting vlog for broadcast on its TV channel.

The Vanguard launch precedes Current TV rolling out a bilingual version of the service in Italy, in May.