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@Documentally: The ultimate journalistic recording tool?

‘Freelance mobile media maker’ Christian Payne (aka @documentally) discusses the multimedia benefits, and potential for journalists, of his new Lumix GH1 hybrid digital camera (with video and audio) in this AudioBoo recording:

Watch out for Christian Payne at our news:rewired event next week.

Our Man Inside: Al Jazeera’s @moeed on mobile reporters (video interview)

During the 140 characters conference in New York, @Documentally, aka Christian Payne ‘got to connect’ with some ‘really fascinating people’.

Moeed Ahmed is the Doha-based supervisor of internet media for Al Jazeera. In this interview Ahmed talks mobile reporters, Iran and innovation.

Full post at this link…

Thomson Reuters gets social with Gordon Brown

Thomson Reuters went all out this morning in its coverage of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s speech at the company’s London office.

First off the organisation’s own coverage: the Newsmaker event was twittered by Reuters journalist Mark Jones, whose updates were fed into a special microsite.

There was also video of the PM’s announcement originally livestreamed on Reuters’ website – including a handy dropdown menu that lets you skip through the clip to different key moments.

A full transcript and text article of the speech have also been published on the site.

But in addition to Reuters’ own reporting on the event was live footage streamed using mobile phones and hosting service Qik by social media bloggers Documentally and Sizemore.

“With Gordon Brown due to start talking on the present economic crisis what can two beardy blokes with a few laptops and small cameras possible hope to add?

“Well nothing directly on what is about to be said. I have as much interest in current politics as I did in marketing movies. I’m here with Christian [Documentally] to start conversations around the NewsMaker event that are currently not part of Reuter’s remit,” wrote Mike Atherton aka Sizemore in a blog post.

Below is Documentally’s mobile video of the Newsmaker:

The pair also used social media tools such as online site Phreadz, which builds multimedia forums around content submitted by users, to generate discussion around Brown’s speech.

“I sincerely hope that following today the idea of getting these events discussed on social media platforms such as Twitter, Seesmic and Phreadz becomes a natural part of the news media’s roadmap,” added Atherton.