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NUJ Release: Guardian must consult NUJ over pay freeze

Following Friday’s NUJ meeting at the Guardian, which confirmed a pay freeze for 2009, the National Union of Journalists has released a statement reminding managers at the Guardian Media Group that they are obliged to enter negotiations with the union.

“It has been reported that management are not open to consultation on the pay freeze, but under the union’s agreements with the company consultation must take place.

“The company has stated that the economic downturn means it can’t afford to increase salaries this year. It has also announced that most executive bonuses won’t be paid.”

Full release at this link…

Mumbai online: the attacks reported live (updating)

A look at where the news has unfolded. Please post additional links below. Journalism.co.uk will add in more links as they are spotted.

Washington-based blogger and social media expert, Gaurav Mishra talks to Journalism.co.uk in an interview published on the main page.

One of the few on-the-ground user-generated content examples, Vinu’s Flickr stream (screen grab above). Slide show below:

How it has been reported:


  • Flickr users such as Vinu, have uploaded pictures from the scene (images: all rights reserved).
  • A Flickr search such as this one, brings up images from Mumbai, although many are reproduced from a few sources. People have also taken pictures of the television news coverage.
  • But before you re-publish your finds beware: an advanced search which filters pictures by copyright and only shows up images opened up under Creative Commons, limits the results.


Breaking news:

Social Media:




  • The Google video seach is here. YouTube videos are mainly limited to broadcast footage, with one user even filming the TV reports, for those without access to live television coverage. YouTube videos seem to be all second-hand broadcasts from mainstream media.


  • Dipity timeline here:

Campaigns / Aid: