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Cit-j site AllVoices plans to develop hyperlocal markets

AllVoices, the US-based site that describes itself as ‘the leading source for credible citizen reporting’ has raised $9m in funding overall since its birth in 2007, with the latest $3 million from VantagePoint Venture Partners (as earlier reported by paidContent / TechCrunch).

Forthcoming plans include focusing on developing hyperlocal and global markets, COO Aki Hashmi has told Journalism.co.uk, without going into detail.

It was hard to raise capital at first, he said, “because everywhere you turned there were stories about the death of journalism, coupled with the economic downturn. But, we were lucky; we have great metrics, a model that scales and series A investors who believe in our vision.”

Hashmi attributed the site’s success – TechCrunch reports it has five million unique visitors a month – to its 275,000 reporters, “who have become great evangelist for our service,” he said. It’s the “social aspect of our service,” that helps, he said. “When people create reports they want to share their content with their network.”

“Readers are seeking an alternative voice to mainstream media and our system does a great job in optimising content so that it can be easily found by search engines.

“Keep in mind we are an open platform where anyone can get instantly published and develop a reputation based on their content, activity and report validation based on our technology.”

ReadWriteWeb: Don’t throw out the baby with the old journalism’s bathwater

‘A personal, blog-style view of the journalism profession by somebody who cares about the outcome,’ authored by ReadWriteWeb’s COO, Bernard Lunn.

He uses his experiences to explain why we should be careful not to throw out the baby with the journalism [1.0] bathwater.

“We don’t need print or TV to deliver news. Throw out the bathwater. But the baby is cute. Let’s keep the baby. Let’s keep all the good things about journalism, the things that inspired me as a kid and that have inspired countless journalists.”

Full post at this link…

How not to handle the media…

All journalists have had days when none of your calls are returned and multiple voicemail messages bear no fruit. On occasion I’ve wished someone would just tell me they weren’t going to answer.

Still there’s no need for the reaction given to Folio’s senior editor, digital, Dylan Stableford by another B2B publisher, as he followed up a legitimate tip on job cuts at US B2B publisher Edgell.

“I left messages for Edgell’s chairman and CEO Gabriele Edgell, COO Dan Ligorner and president Gerry Ryerson late last week seeking comment, as well as sent e-mails to a bunch of staffers listed on their contact page,” writes Stableford.

His inquiries finally received an email response – though perhaps not what he was after:

From: Gerry Ryerson
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 5:11 PM
To: Dylan Stableford
Cc: Tony Silber; Dan Ligorner; Gabriele Edgell
Subject: RE: folio: inquiry

We don’t have any information we’d like to share about our company right now. If we had a comment Gabriele, Dan or I would have returned your calls. I’d also appreciate you not continuing to contact everyone on our mastheads as its just a distraction to our business.

Gerald C. Ryerson

You’d think he’d know better…