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NYTimes innovation plans: Widgets, iPhone, APIs

Silicon Valley Insider talked to Marc Frons, chief technology officer of NYTimes digital, about the projects he’s working on and the development that they’ll be rolling out in the near future. Here’s a brief overview:

Things we have already covered:

The shock of the new:

  • Widgets: Customisable box of Times stories, video, slideshows and the rest on your blog or social network page? Yes please.
  • Aggregation: It bought Blogrunner an eternity ago and uses it now just to pull content from partner sites into NYTimes – think PaidContent, CNET stuff on the Tech pages. But ‘bigger plans’ are afoot – Frons won’t say more though.
  • Apps: Yes, NYTimes.com is working on apps for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone store.

NYTimes.com taps into ‘outsider’ blog posts

The video below from beet.tv explains how the New York Times can use its Blogrunner service to monitor discussion in the blogosphere about its articles, including those posts that do not link directly to the original article – so-called ‘outsider’ blog posts.


According to beet.tv, a new feature of Blogrunner means that links to blog posts that have been selected and sorted by the service to appear beneath an article will be a permanent fixture, even when the news has moved on. This then creates ‘”longtail” visibility for blog posts’, particularly for those appearing beneath NYTimes.com articles, says the write-up, as the site’s archive service receives a significant amount of traffic.