Telegraph: Injunction bars publication of information on social media

The Telegraph reports that an order has been issued in the Court of Protection which specifically bars the publication of related information on Facebook and Twitter.

This follows the posting of allegations on Twitter related to celebrities who were accused of having sought injunctions to protect their privacy.

Legal experts said they had never seen an injunction which specifically barred publication of information on social networking websites. The order also bars reporters from going within 164 foot (50 metres) of the woman’s care home without permission.

See the Telegraph’s full report here…

1 thought on “Telegraph: Injunction bars publication of information on social media

  1. Carl Barron

    Do you ever get the feeling that this is just a ‘Test Case’ to see what Governments can get away with?

    What’s next, all content published publicly must be first censored by an approved Government body?

    The beginning of a total freeze and blanket halt to Freedom of Speech considering the content for the excuse of the ban it is very, very suspect to me. Just an opinion you understand, but of course one must ‘NOT’ have an opinion, one must be told.

    Signed Carl Barron
    Chairman of agpcuk

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