American-Statesman: ‘Listening to the public as important as telling the story’

Nice round-up of how social media is reshaping journalism in the newsroom of the American-Statesman – with two important takeaway points from social media editor Robert Quigley:

  • “In this new world, listening to the public is as important as telling the story.”
  • “As more of the online crowd has taken to social media, fewer are producing original content – specifically, blogs. Meanwhile, some of the content that’s still being produced, including by professional journalists, is gaining wider circulation via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. This is a good thing for those of us in the news business.”

Quigley details how important social media sites were in reporting a local plane crash. But his final point is particularly interesting – how can news organisations utilise social media to make the most of original content in particular? (See also Adam Tinworth’s post ‘Is journalism developing its own echo chamber?

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One thought on “American-Statesman: ‘Listening to the public as important as telling the story’

  1. Rich Fallis

    THE STORY…begins with the audience. Let’s say you own a commuter train system. What are the hassles that make taking the train well…a hassle? Not enough parking? Some idiots smokes a stogey beside your customer? No place to buy coffee? Toilets that stink? No Internet accessibility?

    And so on.

    How then, as the train system owner, what is your story? How does your story over-lap the concerns of your riders solving their problems.

    Until you know your customer’s stories, don’t even think about telling yours.

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