Giving up newspapers for a year – a PR’s experiment

PR consultant Adam Vincenzini is experimenting – starting from 1 January this year he has given up reading and buying newspapers for 365 days.

Vincenzini, who describes himself as a news junkie and avid consumer of newspapers, wants to see what effect this withdrawal will have on him personally, but more significantly on his work.

He sets out the ‘rules’ for his experiment on his blog, which he’ll be using to chronicle his 365 days without newspapers and explore new digital ways for delivering news. He also promises to use the blog to be more critical of digital devices, such as e-readers and digital editions, to offer advice for what print, online-only and multimedia news organisations could be doing better.

In 12 months time, I hope that I can say that every element of the media mix has its place (which, coincidentally, is where things are likely to end up anyway).

I hope that I can say that the acquisition of new/staying on top of current affairs is possible by adopting a purely digital existence, but that quality analysis, probing features and thought provoking campaigns are best delivered in print.

For week two, avoiding free newspapers on the London Underground has become a particular challenge:

You can follow the experiment via Vincenzini’s blog and we’ll be catching up with him later in the year to find out more about the effects on his work.

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