ProPublica editor-in-chief on a changed world: ‘Investigative reporting in the web era’

Britain’s own investigative non-profit bureau will soon be up and running, not quite on the scale of the US-based foundation-funded ProPublica, but a significant development nonetheless. It has over 50 non-profit examples over the world to look to for inspiration and the well-resourced ProPublica is likely to be one.

This commentary by ProPublica’s editor-in-chief looks at the organisation’s work and collaborations and focuses on the changes that have taken place over the past few years; developments that saw the Los Angeles Times publish a front page story, spread over four more pages inside, written and reported by two ProPublica reporters.

“Just a few years ago, there would have been a very slim chance that a paper of the Times’s standing would have devoted so much prime real estate to anything not entirely of its own origination and execution,” Paul Steiger writes.

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