US National Magazine Awards 2010 to award podcasts, video and mobile

The US-based National Magazine Awards are adding 12 new categories to the original 22 so that online magazines can receive the awards. The new categories will reward work in mobile media, interactive tools, podcasting, video and community.

The National Magazine Awards, which will be presented in April 2010, have been running since 1966; winning one is considered the industry’s top accolade. The digital awards are to be given out at a different ceremony to the others, however: a lunch during an online magazine conference in March. Sid Holt, the chief executive of ASME insisted that they will still be as prestigious as the rest of the awards, according to the New York Times.

The Digital ‘Ellies’ (named after the Alexander Calder ‘Elephant’ trophy) categories include: General Excellence, Digital Media; Mobile Media; Design, Digital Media; Photography, Digital Media; News Reporting; Blogging; Regular Department or Section; Multimedia Feature or Package; Interactive Tool; Podcasting; Video; and Community.

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