Evening Leader plots UFO sightings with Dipity

Nice use of timeline builder Dipity by the Evening Leader: the paper has plotted videos and text reports of UFO sitings in the area onto a timeline, turned it into a widget and embedded it on its website.

What’s extra nice is that the Dipity widget lets readers look at the info as a timeline, map, flipbook or list. Using the third-party service helps the newspaper get extra mileage out of what are no doubt already popular online stories.

The feature has also been made ‘public’ through dipity’s site to help drive traffic back to the Evening Leader.

The tool has previously been used by the Manchester Evening News for its coverage of a proposed congestion charge for the city; and the Liverpool Daily Post to create a 24-hour snapshot of Liverpool as this year’s European Capital of Culture.

3 thoughts on “Evening Leader plots UFO sightings with Dipity

  1. ELINA

    i spot a green ball which was not clearly visible in sky yestrday ( 19 jan 2009) there were 2 balls and 1st one moved left and the second one follwed it when i saw them…

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