University of Florida sets up new digital media centre

The University of Florida is to build a new journalism training centre aimed at new methods of storytelling using digital and new media.

The Center for Media Innovation and Research (CIMR) will experiment with multimedia storytelling on different platforms and test their effectiveness, a release from the university said.

“News media of all types are struggling with the transition to digital. Our new center will help them find the way. It also will help us produce students who are prepared to lead media companies in the changing landscape,” said John Wright, dean of the university’s college of journalism and communications.

“It will be a sort of farm for new ways of disseminating news and information.”

The centre will include a ’21st Century Newsroom and Laboratory’ with a later addition of a ‘Digital Laboratory for Strategic Communications’. Students and staff from across the university’s journalism courses will use the centre.

“The result will be a sort of think tank consortium for digital media,” the release said.

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    Florida is a great place to have a “media farm” such as the one proposed under the name, the Center for Media Innovation and Research (CIMR). And yes, they would be quite happy for people to pronounce the acronym, “Simmer.”

    Unlike the UK, the Florida media aren’t really dominated by any one big city. It has several big cities, notably Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando and Jacksonville.

    So it can support many, different BIG MEDIA enterprises. But it has, as well, many medium sized cities. And endless smaller ones. It has urban areas that don’t event have names or boundaries, such as the Interstate-4 corridor through northern Polk County.

    Anyway, you get the point. A great place to try a lot of different things out.

    Go Gators!

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