Norwegian newspaper reporters banned from filming rock festival

“These newspaper reporters should stick to what they are good at, namely creating a newspaper, be it online or in print,” the head of press for Norwegian rock festival Rootsfestivalen, told paper Brönnöysunds Avis (BA).

The local paper was the first Norwegian mainstream newspaper ever to go online back in 1996, but PR man Dagfinn Torgersen, a former professional film photographer with the country’s public broadcaster, does not think the early online adopter has made much headway with web-TV.

“We have allowed TV stations to film, but we see no purpose in news reporters filming these concerts only to put the material on BA’s website with extremely bad sound and picture quality,” he told the paper.

2 thoughts on “Norwegian newspaper reporters banned from filming rock festival

  1. Andreas H. Lunde

    Interesting policy from a man who is a media teacher in the local high school .

    A search on the BAnett site reveals that Rootsfestivalen ( and the newspaper are the best of friends again, see photo in article (

    Original story here:

    PS. The quality of the Google machine translations are quite good actually.

  2. Kristine Lowe

    Thanks for the additional links. Must be my oversight that we didn’t link directly to the article, it was certainly my intention to link directly. Not sure I’m sold on the quality of those Google translations though: I agree these particular ones are close to intelligible, but prepositions are all over the place, “skværet up” is hardly a very British term and funny how Brönnöysundsavis becomes East London Newspaper in the last article.

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