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Newspaper reporter: fifth worst job? US careers study seems to think so

It is not as hard work as being a lumberjack, or as dangerous as working on an oil rig – but a US careers website has published a study claiming that being a newspaper reporter or broadcaster is one of the worst jobs going.

CareerCast.com looked at factors including stress, industry outlook, income levels and the general working environment to build a league table of 200 jobs. Newspaper reporter came 196th, just ahead of dairy farmers and soldiers. Broadcasters came 191st.

The site says: “Both jobs once seemed glamorous, but on-the-job stress, declining job opportunities and income levels are what landed them on our Worst Jobs list.”

One newspaper reporter told the site: “Today’s younger generation doesn’t seem to care about the news, and, if they do, it’s more about celebrities and Hollywood and not what’s going on in their backyards.”

Among the best jobs in the study were online advertising manager and software engineer.