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Tabloids kick Clegg on eve of second leaders’ debate

Jon Slattery has today’s front pages of the Conservative-supporting tabloid newspapers on his blog.

As Slattery says, the papers have given Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg “a right going over” on the eve of the second leadership debate.

The Daily Mail has redefined news somewhat with its rehash of a Guardian article from 2002 – as its ‘Clegg in Nazi slur on Britain’ splash.

Meanwhile, on the Radio 4 Today programme Chris Huhne lashed out at what he said was a media smear against Clegg. PoliticsHome reports the Liberal Democrats shadow home secretary as saying:

So, you are trying to smear him by saying that because this firm happened to have done something that you regard as reprehensible it somehow carried off on Nick.

That is the kind of smear you are getting in the Tory papers this morning, and frankly it should be beyond the BBC.

Mirror.co.uk revamp to add localisation by using Trinity’s locals

Mirror Group Newspapers digital head Paul Hood wants to add a ‘personalised and localised’ service to the revamp and development of the news Mirror.co.uk site.

Hood revealed details of his digital strategy to NMA. The plan to catch up with rival tabloid newspapers, like the Mail and the Sun, who have shot away in the race of online popularity, is to use the national newspaper site as “a starting point for web usage”.