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10,000 Words: 30 things for journalism graduates to do this summer

Missed this list last week from Mark S. Luckie, which gives 30 simple activities journalism graduates could do to experiment and improve their online skills this summer.

Here’s the first 10:

1. Start a blog and post at least twice a week

2. If you already have a blog, write a post that gets retweeted 20 times

3. Shoot 100 amazing photos and post them on Flickr

4. Friend at least 50 journalists on Twitter who in turn follow you back

5. Become a part of a crowdsourcing project (start here)

6. Improve at least five Wikipedia entries

7. Create an audio slideshow using Soundslides

8. Shoot and edit a three-minute video and post it to YouTube

9. Design a website from scratch using HTML and CSS

10. Create and maintain a Delicious account with at least 50 links that you find interesting

Full post at this link…