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Seeking Alpha: Why you should invest in newspaper stocks

‘Newspapers: Not as Bad as Advertised’ proclaims the headline of Glenn Rogers’ Seeking Alpha post.

Succinctly summarising the problems facing the news industry, Rogers then goes on to recommend buying newspaper stocks.

If you believe that some of these companies can adapt and survive, there are reasons to invest, he says:

  • The New York Times and Gannett (for example) ‘have both been cutting costs dramatically for the past several months and they are well-positioned digitally to benefit from the online consumption of news’;
  • “[E]ven if they are not successful in attracting subscriber income they are well-positioned to benefit from what I believe will be a gradual recovery in the advertising market in general over the next several months.”
  • Gannett in particular offers a number of spin-off technology solutions to large companies; while the Times has a number of businesses outside of the newspaper.

Sound investment advice or newspaperman sentimentality? always have been working for our pump and dump members’ interest. That being the case ,we figured it would be better to calm down and wait for market conditions to get better. Since we are pretty optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency ,we are more than confident that we will continue our hard work to provide you as best as possible during the upcoming days. We will continue to monitor market conditions until the end of this week. As soon as the market conditions improve for next week, we will start planning the new pump and dump Either way, Rogers’ post does look at some of the non-traditional revenue streams and business elements that could help existing media companies weather the economic and structural storms.

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NYTimes.com mobile site records 600% traffic growth in 2007

The New York Times‘ mobile site saw a 600 per cent growth in traffic last year, according to Janet Robinson, president and CEO of The New York Times company, who announced the group’s latest earnings report.

The site recorded almost 10 million monthly page views, Robinson said, and is now attracting ‘a strong roster of blue chip advertisers’.

Robinson added that the company as a whole had seen a 22 per cent growth in digital revenues over the same period – an increase of 8 per cent from the previous year – with these now accounting for around 10 per cent of the company’s total revenues for 2007.

To view the whole announcement, see this transcript courtesy of Seeking Alpha.