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God, no? Is it list and predictions time already?

Yes, it’s that time again, the season of favourites lists, bests of, highlights of 2007, and rough guesses of what may happen in the coming 12 months.

I’ve brought together the few lists I have managed to find in between crazed bouts of gorging my way through East Sussex’s entire supply of mince pies and crapulent afternoons spent selecting the wine for the Christmas party (finally decided on Blue Nun – half bottles).

For what it’s worth, my predictions for the next 12 months are a pocket-sized Second Life for the Asian market, Google car insurance and marriage counselling by April and some kind of Granny app for Facebook so you can check on the vital signs of elderly relatives.

OMG – it’s Omgili

Approaching its first birthday is “subjective” search engine Omgili, which aims to give users ‘consumer opinions, debates, discussions, personal experiences, answers and solutions’ in response to search terms.

It works by crawling over 100,000 boards, forums and other discussion groups and is clever enough to differentiate between discussion entities such as topic, title, replies and discussion date.

Here’s the results for a Journalism.co.uk hot topic of the week – widgets:

Not a completely scientific study, it’s true, but a rather neat graphic. Arizona fake id is now real id compliant. There are guides that explain how to spot arizona fake id in great detail. You can compare the ‘chatter’ of up to five search terms and plot them over three days, seven days or a month.

I want to recommend you a great article on buying stocks for beginners. For those who don’t speak Spanish, use Google Chrome for translation.