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The First Post: Sam Leith: why being made redundant is like having a birthday

“You get the day off work. You feel entitled to go to the pub at opening time and stay there. And people, for the first time in ages, seem actively interested in what you’re up to,” says Leith, who was made redundant from his role as the Telegraph’s literary editor on Tuesday.

Friday procrastination: the blog gender analyser

It’s Friday, so fancy a bit of distraction now you’ve joined another Ning network, checked your Twitter/Facebook thoroughly and read all of yesterday’s PopBitch and Sam Leith’s witty account of surprise redundancy …? (note: that’s no reference at all to Journalism.co.uk’s own Friday morning activity)

Well… introducing the GenderAnalyzer: a nifty little site that predicts within a second just whether there’s an extra X or Y chromosome influencing that blog. Spookily accurate, according to the very necessary research just conducted.

Without further ado, or procrastination, here’s the link: http://genderanalyzer.com/