Friday procrastination: the blog gender analyser

It’s Friday, so fancy a bit of distraction now you’ve joined another Ning network, checked your Twitter/Facebook thoroughly and read all of yesterday’s PopBitch and Sam Leith’s witty account of surprise redundancy …? (note: that’s no reference at all to’s own Friday morning activity)

Well… introducing the GenderAnalyzer: a nifty little site that predicts within a second just whether there’s an extra X or Y chromosome influencing that blog. Spookily accurate, according to the very necessary research just conducted.

Without further ado, or procrastination, here’s the link:

3 thoughts on “Friday procrastination: the blog gender analyser

  1. Lore

    Apparently there’s 96% chances I’m a man, and so is one of my other female blog friends. It just doesn’t work properly at all!!!

  2. Nelson the Cat

    Hmm, not that accurate. Gender Analyzer said it was 98% sure my blog was written by a man. Now, obviously I’m a tom, a proud one at that, even though I have, been *cough* neutered. But She Who Controls the Can Opener writes my blog on my behalf as I haven’t quite perfected my touch-paw typing yet and she’s female. Or was the last time I checked.

    Hmm, maybe she’s just very good at taking dictation from me.

  3. Janiss

    This Gender Analyzer is giving me a complex. I tested my own website under my name, which contains clips from my rock ‘n’ roll journalism days, and it claims “We have strong indicators that is written by a man (92%).” Undaunted, I tested my blog and it came up 73% male. Need I say I am 100% female, as my boyfriend will emphatically attest? Finally I went over to my cat’s site and tested it. This time it said, “We guess is written by a man (59%), however it’s quite gender neutral.” Well, she’s a spayed female, so that’s kinda accurate. Nevertheless, I give Gender Analyzer a FAIL.

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