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AP to stream live video on US election night for first time

According to a press release from the Associated Press (AP), the agency will embark on its first continuous, live video news coverage on US election night, November 4.

The Big Issue: Election Results stream will feature a host of AP reports and will be streamed from 7pm (EST) on the agency’s online video network.

The stream will include views from 10 non-journalists, representing the electorate, who have been selected from AP’s collaboration with Yahoo to track the changing attitudes of 2,000 American voters during the presidential campaigns.

“We recognize that this is a once in a quarter century election,” said Michael Oreskes, AP managing editor for US News.

“Through the course of the year we have dug deeply into the dynamics of race and gender and economic fears that are suffusing the electorate. Our pre-election AP-Yahoo! News poll assessing the impact of racial attitudes on the electorate is being cited as the prime source on the issue this year. We plan to carry this work into our preparations for election night.”