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Sunemployment: Sun turns free classified ads into campaign

(Picked up from Brand Republic) The Sun is offering free job advertising to businesses online.

The move is part of the title’s newly launched campaign against UK unemployment (or ‘Sunemployment’ as it shall now be known).

According to the website, the Sun has been ‘bombarded with calls from employers earlier today begging our readers to fill thousands of empty jobs’.

A few points here:

  • Interesting to see the classified/editorial crossover with this campaign: the Sun is urging applicants to its online job ads to get in touch and provide case study stories;
  • Classified job ads can be lucrative – how will the Sun’s newspaper competitors feel about this freebie?
  • Or perhaps job listings weren’t proving that much of a money spinner for the site – is this a white flag in the face of migrating print classifieds online?
  • How long will it last? Is this just a clever ploy by the Sun to reel in advertisers who they can market to later (not meaning to sound too sceptical…)?

DNA 2008: from outsourcing to in-house, De Persgroep’s ad strategy

While other media groups consider outsourcing their ad production, at today’s Digital News Affairs (DNA) conference Christian Van Thillo, CEO of Belgium’s De Persgroup, explained his group’s reverse strategy.

Having started by outsourcing all advertising, Persgroup has recently brought its ad production in-house.

Its Fred advertising production service is similar to that recently launched by the Telegraph in the UK for online advertisers and targets big brands offering the opportunity to create multi-platform, group wide campaigns.

According to Van Thillo, news providers online face ‘more of an economic challenge than a content challenge’.

Keeping advertising production under group control could help broach this challenge, while helping alleviate fears for jobs raised by outsourcing models.

In this video clip, Van Thillo also talks about how forming early partnerships with other publishers helped to protect and grow their revenues from recruitment advertising (originally 20 per cent of De Persgroep’s total income).