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BBC Radio 4: Why do foreign correspondents capture the imagination?

A nice segment from the Radio 4 Today programme this morning:

“A novel about a group of journalists in Africa has made the nominations for this year’s Booker prize. Not Untrue and Not Unkind tells the story of their friendship, rivalry and betrayal. The book’s author and former foreign correspondent, Ed O’Loughlin, and foreign correspondent Martin Bell, discuss why foreign correspondents attract so much interest.”

Listen here:


Radio 4 Today’s ‘viral’ ad

Embedded for your viewing pleasure: the new ad from the folks at the Radio 4 Today programme, which gives us valuable insight into the presenters’ costume and make-up choices. Self-proclaimed as ‘viral,‘ a definition already disputed in the Twittersphere, it’ll be interesting to see how popular it is and whether their attempt to create a viral ad works. The background to the project at this link.