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BBC Radio 4 Today: The Drum explains decision to publish Prince Harry images online

Following the Sun newspaper’s decision to print the nude images of Prince Harry today, despite a request from St James’s Palace lawyers earlier this week that they not be published, there has been widespread discussion in the media about the move.

Explaining its decision today, the Sun said “there is a clear public interest in publishing the Harry pictures, in order for the debate around them to be fully informed”.

The Sun adds that “it is absurd that in the internet age newspapers like the Sun could be stopped from publishing stories and pictures already seen by millions on the free-for-all that is the web”.

At the time of writing, the Guardian was reporting that more than 150 complaints have been made to the Press Complaints Commission, but not from the Palace’s lawyers.

A survey of 1000 UK adults today by Usurv who were asked about the Sun’s decision to publish the images, found 21 per cent agreed the photos were in the public interest, while 63 per cent did not agree with the decision.

On BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning, editor of marketing and media news site The Drum Gordon Young spoke about their decision to publish the images online alongside a column discussing the fact that British newspapers had not done so, at the time. The Today programme said The Drum had “claimed to be the first UK website” to publish the photos.

What’s very interesting is this was a very logical and easy decision for The Drum. We were surprised at the controversy relative to what an easy decision it was for us.

… It was such an obvious thing to do in the context of the column and the piece, the writer was basically criticising press for not having the backbone to release the pictures in the UK so we couldn’t run that and not had the backbone ourselves to do it.

Journalisted Weekly: Mitt Romney, Lib Dems and Prince Harry

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Mitt Romney, Lib Dems and Prince Harry

for the week ending Sunday 11 March

  • Mitt Romney inches towards the Republican presidential nomination
  • LibDem debates about tax, Prince Harry in the Caribbean, and the issue of same sex marriage covered lots
  • An al-Quaeda linked terror attack in Yemen, Spain’s deficit difficulties, and Sarkozy’s lurch to the right, covered little

Covered Lots

  • Mitt Romney inched towards the Republican presidential nomination with 6 victories in 10 states on Super Tuesday, 165 articles
  • The Liberal Democrats got embroiled in internal debates about tax – particularly around their proposal for a Mansion Tax – at the Lib Dems spring conference, 147 articles
  • The issue of gay marriage became controversial – again – after the intervention of Cardinal O’Brien, 125 articles
  • Prince Harry charmed the citizens of Belize, Brazil, the Bahamas and Jamaica on the Diamond Jubilee Tour, 120 articles

Covered Little

  • Yemen militants, who have links with al-Qaeda, attack Government troops, 185 dead, 12 articles
  • Spain’s new Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, gets in a fight with Brussels as he seeks to stop Spain becoming the next Greece, 12 articles
  • Nicholas Sarkozy threatened to pull out of the Schengen zone in an attempt to woo right wing voters prior to the French election, 6 articles

Political ups and downs (top ten by number of articles)

Celebrity vs Serious

  • Rihanna takes a picture of her new hair while semi-naked, and other mischief, 67 articles vs. Ken Clarke reacts to concerns that plans to extend secret courts could threaten open justice, 8 articles
  • The All-American Katy Perry has a new boyfriend 36 articles vs. Steve Hilton – the Prime Minister’s resident ‘guru’ takes a sabbatical from government service to go to America, 30 articles
  • Tulisa, the X-Factor judge, has a tan and a new boyfriend, 26 articles vs. in the Indian elections the ruling party suffered setbacks, damaging the prospects of Rahul Gandhi, 18 articles

Eurozone leaders (top ten by number of articles)

No other Eurozone leaders were mentioned in UK press coverage.

Who wrote a lot about… Syria

Long form journalism

Journalists who have updated their profile

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