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Celebrity MySpace profiles hacked revealing security flaws

After last week’s report by the Press Complaints Commission into privacy on social networks raised concerns about access to users’ information by third parties, it seems no one is safe.

A Canadian computer technician has hacked into the private picture galleries of celebrities – well Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan – on MySpace, Valleywag reports.

Brian Ng used a loophole in MySpace’s mobile access to profiles. The method won’t work anymore apparently, but Valleywag asks whether the rush to make profiles and information accessible from all platforms is compromising security?

TMZ streams live celebrity video from streetcams

Celebrity website TMZ is streaming live video from a network of webcams at key celebrity hangouts in the US, according to a report by CNET news.

To create the 24-hour-surveillance-society-meets-celebrity-obsessed-culture venture, the webcams are not stationary, but are operated by crews sent out to different locations, whether these be top restaurants or hot dog stalls on a street corner.

“It’s fun and raw and fresh, and it fits the personality of our site,” says Harry Levin, executive producer of the site, in the article.

The cameras have already picked up Paris Hilton’s brother Barron being released on bail and were started during Britney Spears’ court appearances last October.

There’s nowhere left to hide.