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Current TV to hire UK vlogging journalists

Current TV to hire UK vlogging journalists

User-generated video blogging platform Current is planning to hire journalists in the UK to contribute to short video news posts and edit other video contributions.

The platform aimed at an audience of young adults recently made an agreement with Salon and The Guardian to supply vlogs (video blogs) to its online peer-to-peer news network. Reporters for The Guardian started filing pieces last week.

The platform, which also runs a cable TV channel, this week placed ads on Journalism.co.uk and looking to hire a Newspod producer and a NewsPod preditor (essentially a journalist/video editor) in the UK to create news packages for its headline news service.

newspod ad

The newspod producer will be responsible for working video feeds selecting news stories, scripting and performing voice-overs for Current’s headline news service. The preditor will be responsible for producing and editing news packages.