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Poynter Online: Building a brand as a journalist online

Following on from Adam Westbrook’s advice on branding for freelance journalists, Poynter has an excellent round-up on how journalists can build personal brands online, including tips on:

  1. Blogging skills
  2. Demonstrating your expertise
  3. Your portfolio
  4. Building an audience/community
  5. Presenting your new media skills

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Huffington Post: ‘Close the J-Schools’

“Journalism is not a profession like engineering, medicine or even law. You can pick up most media skills on the job, or with a few hours of instruction. If you screw up, nobody dies, and nothing collapses. This is why so many – perhaps most – journalism pros have built successful careers without touching J-school, and why many of them considered a J-degree a dubious credential even in the field’s heyday,” writes Richard Sine.

Journalism school deans should cut their intakes to avoid flooding the industry with graduates, who will be eager to take on the role of laid-off staff, for lower pay, he adds.

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The Editorialiste: ‘New media reality check’ for new journalists

Andrew Nusca shares his thoughts on the new media skills needed by modern day journalists:

“As new media has increased in popularity and usage, this myth has populated of the multi-talented reporter – you know, the one carrying all the gear a few paragraphs back. And while it’s certainly an ideal, it’s not a necessity. In fact, it’s barely a reality.”

He follows this with some very useful advice for journalists entering the profession:

“For most online journalism, all you need to know is how to blog and how to use a CMS, or content management system.”

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