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Forbes.com: Bloomberg reporters told their tweets are inaccurate

Bloomberg News journalists have been warned that their tweets are inaccurate … because they include opinion.

The Forbes Biz blog (and others) reports a recent memo from editor in chief Matt Winkler: “At Bloomberg News, the three most important words are accuracy, accuracy and  accuracy. The following tweets on Bloomberg.com during congressional testimony compromised our integrity.”

One example: 

Twitter post by Bloomberg reporter: “Blanfkein working hard not to start the head-bobbing thing. He was so upset/vehement at the FCIC hearing he kept bobbing his head.”

Winkler comment: ((xxx working hard xxx is an assertion/opinion and therefore inaccurate as we can’t know what Blankfein is thinking. xxx upset/vehement is an assertion/opinion and xxx bobbing xxx is an opinion masquerading as observation and therefore inaccurate))

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