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Music stops in the White House press room, Fox sits down first

The battle for a coveted front row seat in the White House press room is over, with Fox News claiming the chair.

Following the retirement of Helen Thomas in May, Associated Press moved to her centre-spot, freeing up its old space further along the front row.

National Public Radio, Bloomberg News and Fox all requested the special spot – but Fox was finally selected due to its “length of service and commitment to the White House television pool”, according to AFP.

NPR’s correspondent will now move up one row to Fox’s old second-row seat, next to Bloomberg News.

Forbes.com: Bloomberg reporters told their tweets are inaccurate

Bloomberg News journalists have been warned that their tweets are inaccurate … because they include opinion.

The Forbes Biz blog (and others) reports a recent memo from editor in chief Matt Winkler: “At Bloomberg News, the three most important words are accuracy, accuracy and  accuracy. The following tweets on Bloomberg.com during congressional testimony compromised our integrity.”

One example: 

Twitter post by Bloomberg reporter: “Blanfkein working hard not to start the head-bobbing thing. He was so upset/vehement at the FCIC hearing he kept bobbing his head.”

Winkler comment: ((xxx working hard xxx is an assertion/opinion and therefore inaccurate as we can’t know what Blankfein is thinking. xxx upset/vehement is an assertion/opinion and xxx bobbing xxx is an opinion masquerading as observation and therefore inaccurate))

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