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10,000 Words: ‘How Twitter saved my journalism career’

An open and honest post from Mark S. Luckie, who was made redundant at the end of last year by his magazine employer, about searching for a new job and the impact of Twitter on his career since.

Despite numerous applications and ‘the fact that anyone who googled me would find the tweet “Someone should hire Mark Luckie”‘, he hadn’t found a new position, and was beginning to consider roles outside of journalism.

“[But] the most casual tweets, often written to take my mind off my situation, were retweeted hundreds of times, which lifted my spirits and made me feel like I still had the natural ability to spread the news,” writes Luckie, who has used his 10,000 words blog to explore the future of multimedia journalism and reporting.

He ramped up his search for jobs using Twitter and has now taken a multimedia producer position at the Center for Investigative Reporting.

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