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Always look on the bright side of life – business website bans bad news

Nothing like a truly cheerful press release to brighten up the day, eh?

And this one is particularly chirpy: new website LaunchLab.co.uk won’t publish any more ‘doom and gloom’ business stories.

LaunchLab.co.uk is a small business website that started up a month ago and, as of yesterday, they have now decided to ban any pessimistic news about the economy.

“Confidence is a big part of what makes the economy tick,” said the site’s editor, Dan Matthews, on their website.

“All this bad news is making people feel pessimistic and scared. There’s no reason not to start a business right now, as long as you do homework and launch in the right way,” he said.

And perhaps, we might add,  come up with a quirky new angle for a press release if you want to stir up some interest a month in…