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NYTimes.com: CBS News using Ustream for newscasts and special reports

“Seeking a younger audience more accustomed to watching the news on the internet than on television, CBS News said Monday that it had joined with a live video web site [Ustream] to simulcast its newscasts and special reports,” reports the New York Times.

Ustream, will host ‘CBS Evening News With Katie Couric,’ breaking news coverage and ‘unfiltered news conferences and speeches’, it is reported. Full story at this link…

WSJ: Katie Couric poised to leave CBS News

The CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric is likely to leave the broadcaster long before her contract expires, according to CBS executives.

Couric, who joined CBS in June 2006, is only halfway through a five-year contract, but has struggled to pull in viewers – the programme has seen record ratings lows in the last two years.

NYT: CBS considers outsourcing reporting to CNN

Senior executives at have told the New York Times that CBS TV news, one of the leading news broadcasters in the US, is mulling over a possible deal to outsource some of its news-gathering operations to CNN.

Tlaks about such plans aren’t new, says the report, however recently they have intensified to detail how CBS would ditch its news-gathering capacity but keep its frontline personalities, like Katie Couric, the CBS Evening News anchor.

It would then take a feed from CNN and pay it regular fees.

Another possibility would see CBS hang on to some reporters in key regions but pair them with CNN crews.