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NYT files lawsuit against micropayments site

The New York Times has filed a lawsuit against micropayments service Kachingle on grounds of trademark infringement, in relation to the site’s ‘Stop the Paywall’ campaign.

According to a post by paidContent, the New York Times claims that Kachingle contacted its executives in February last year to discuss having access to articles and blogs in return for money collected from consumers. But the paper said it told the site it was not interested after finding out it wanted to keep a portion of the micropayments, paidContent reports.

According to the NYTCo’s legal filing, last month, Kachingle opened a site called Kachinglex.com, which looks very much like a NYTimes.com blog page. “Did you hear about the looming paywall?” the site’s home asks as part of its marketing materials. “Here at Kachingle, we are committed to helping keep the web open and social.  Kachingle is an alternative to a forced, solitary paywall. And now you can support the New York Times blogs you love directly, with a voluntary contribution of just $5/month.”

The look of that site is apparently what the NYTCo decided to go after, saying it tries to make it seem as if there is a business relationship between the two.

See the full legal filing below courtesy of Scribd:

allmediascotland.com: Kachingle delays launch because of ‘overwhelming response’

Kachingle.com, a system which will collect ‘voluntary contributions in exchange for easily displayed social recognition’ and bills itself as ‘a way for readers to choose and equitably share their $5 monthly contribution with the web sites they appreciate the most’ is delaying its full launch, allmediascotland.com reports.

“Kachingle’s founder, Cynthia Typaldos, told allmediascotland.com: “The delay in our launch is because we needed to make sure our initial system could scale to hundreds of thousands of active users….which is what we now expect given that newspapers will be some of our initial launch sites.””

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