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‘Access Denied’: Frontline Club discussion on global media coverage (video)

On Tuesday a panel at the Frontline Club (in association with the BBC College of Journalism) discussed the issue of international media access.

“Fighting in Gaza and Sri Lanka and the recent unrest in Iran all raised questions about how journalists can do their job when governments deny access (…) With the Israeli government relying more and more on public relations management and an increasingly sophisticated use of new media to get its message across, what is the role of the journalist in 21st century conflicts?”

The panel included Richard Sambrook, director of the BBC’s Global News division: Adrian Wells, head of foreign news, Sky News; and Jean Seaton Professor of Media History at the University of Westminster’s Communication and Media Research Institute

If you missed it, catch up with the video here. And it was live-blogged by Brian Condon here.

Radio4Today: Would Orwell have been a blogger?

Radio 4 Today takes a look at politics and blogging. Yesterday saw the announcement of the Orwell Prize longlists, including its new award for bloggers.

“The power of the internet to shape politics – from Obama’s campaign to online petitions – is widely recognised. But blogging has now become an intrinsic part of the political process,” it is reported on the Today programme’s site.

So, would Orwell have been a blogger? Charlie Beckett, director of Polis, says yes.

“He was a contrarian, he loved a row and he didn’t mind people having a go at him,” he says.

“George Orwell would have blogged. Fact.”

Full story at this link…

Follow this link for a discussion with director of the prize, Jean Seaton, and longlisted blogger Hopi Sen, of the ‘from the Backroom’ blog, on whether blogging ‘has become as respected as novel writing or journalism.’