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Huffington Post: How Editor & Publisher lost its editor

Greg Mitchell, former editor of industry title Editor & Publisher, explains how he was axed as part of a takeover deal by new owners of the magazine.

E&P was shuttered by former publisher Nielsen Company last month, but was resurrected last week by the Duncan McIntosh Company:

Mitchell is, understandably, highly critical of some of the changes that have already been made:

Now I was out, along with the great Joe Strupp, senior editor and staff writer. That meant that the magazine would lose the two staffers who had been responsible for roughly 80 per cent of the magazine’s news-making and traffic-driving ‘scoops’ over the past several years – at a time when web impact needs to be expanded.

(…) Much of the speculation about the ‘new’ E&P has been on the decision to focus on business and tech/press room issues. Many observers in recent days have warned that the ‘E’ will be largely taken out of E&P.

A microcosmic vision of wider industry struggles?

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Editor&Publisher in exile

Editor&Publisher, the 125 year old US journalism industry publication, suspended operations on New Years’ Eve, but some of its staff are carrying on with a blog, E&P in Exile.

In a final post on 31 December, editor Greg Mitchell said there was a “fairly good chance that Editor & Publisher will resume but we cannot say when or in precisely what form”.

Several possible buyers have stepped forward but any firm agreement, we’re told, is at least two weeks away.

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Editor&Publisher: Video of E&P editor on MSNBC

The Editor&Publisher’s editor Greg Mitchell was interviewed by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC ‘about current newspaper cutbacks and woes, new media, hopes for pay-for-play on the web, and his new book on the 2008 campaign, Why Obama Won’ …

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