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paidContent:UK: FT confirms new additions to subscription model

The Financial Times has confirmed it will add a new day pass and weekly pass, powered by online payment system Pay Pal, as part of its online access model.

While the pass is different from the FT’s direct payment for an anual subscription, as paidContent:UK points out this isn’t quite a move to micropayments.

But FT CEO John Ridding did comment on the potential for micropayments to support an annual subscription while speaking on the new plans at the FT’s Digital Media and Broadcasting conference.

Full story at this link…

#followjourn: Andrew Hill/city editor

#followjourn: Andrew Hill

Who? City editor at the Financial Times

What? City editor and also editor of the daily Lombard column on business and finance since September 2006. Previously, he has also been FT’s financial editor and prior to that, the comment & analysis editor. Hill also had a stint as the New York Bureau chief between 1999-2003.

Where? Read a selection of Hill’s columns at Financial Times online.

Contact? Follow @AndrewHill

Just as we like to supply you with fresh and innovative tips every day, we’re recommending journalists to follow online too. They might be from any sector of the industry: please send suggestions (you can nominate yourself) to judith or laura at journalism.co.uk; or to @journalismnews.

Media release: FT acquires Medley Global Advisors

Owner of the Financial Times, Pearson, has announced its acquisition of Medley Global Advisors LLC (MGA), a company that provides “macro policy intelligence” to investment banks, hedge funds and asset manager.

MGA, which had estimated gross assets of $7.3 million at the year end, will continue to operate from its headquarters in New York, with offices in Washington DC, London, Frankfurt, Beijing and Tokyo.

“The acquisition strengthens the FT’s position as a global leader in premium financial information,” said a release from the FT.

“The acquisition will enhance the FT’s portfolio of services geared towards major global financial institutions and asset managers, including FTfm, its global fund management supplement, and Money-Media, the market leader in online news and commentary for the fund management sector.

“This acquisition delivers another premium service to an important FT audience and reinforces our strategy of building strong subscriber and digital businesses in core sectors,” said John Ridding, chief executive of the FT.

Full announcement at this link…

FT.com: App stores for TV

FT.com reports that App stores are coming to the television: “as developers and content providers move their software and services to the big screens of internet-connected TVs”. Full story at this link…

FT.com: INM agrees financial restructuring

Independent News & Media has at last agreed a financial restructuring with its bondholders ‘after months of negotiations that will see the lenders take control of the publisher’, reports the Financial Times. INM’s banks have yet formally to agree to the restructuring plan, however. Full story at this link…

Malcolm Coles: You can print from the FT, but don’t photocopy it

A weird one this, picked up by Malcolm Coles, who has found (at least) 10 sites whose terms and conditions allow you to print a page from their website, but forbid photocopying them – including the Financial Times and Conde Net.

Answers as to why on the back of a postcard or in the comments below please.

Full story at this link…

Round-up: Charging for online – Murdoch and the FT

Quick link post rounding up some of this weekend’s chatter following Rupert Murdoch’s latest decision that News Corp properties will start charging for access to online news by 2010.

Kevin Anderson on Guardian.co.uk asks what news organisations can learn from the music, video and games industries when it comes to charging for online – especially relevant given the Financial Time’s announcement that it is considering introducing a ‘pay-per-article’ system.

On econsultancy Malcolm Coles address the frequently voiced arguments against Murdoch’s plans (e.g. it won’t work unless all sites start charging) in a mythbusting post.

(Backing up Coles points that people, outside of WSJ and FT readers will pay for content, is Press Gazette’s report that Which? increased online subscriptions by 11 per cent in the year to the end of June.)

Journalism Daily: FT clippings, sticky news, journalists freed from North Korea

Journalism.co.uk is trialling a new service via the Editors’ Blog: a daily round-up of all the content published on the Journalism.co.uk site.

We hope you’ll find it useful as a quick digest of what’s gone on during the day (similar to our e-newsletter) and to check that you haven’t missed a posting.

We’ll be testing it out for a couple of weeks, so you can subscribe to the feed for the Journalism Daily here.

Let us know what you think – all feedback much appreciated.

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Channel 4 News video: Lionel Barber on news’ paid-for future

More from Lionel Barber on the future as paid-for, following his speech at an industry event last month in which the FT editor predicted almost all news organisations would charge for online content in the next 12 months.

In an interview with Channel 4 News’ Benjamin Cohen, Barber explains how the FT’s part-free/part-subscription model could be replicated by other news organsiations; and gives his views on the BBC’s recent video plans.

“I think there is an inexorable momentum behind charging for content (…) What I would say to the competition and to the rest of the world is that it’s getting late. If we move now we can assure ourselves of a prosperous future.”

A guide to newspapers on Twitter

National newspapers have a total of 1,068,898 followers across their 120 official Twitter accounts – with the Guardian, Times and FT the only three papers represented in the top ten.

The Guardian’s the clear winner, as @GuardianTech’s place on Twitter’s Suggested User List means it has 831,935 followers – 78 per cent of the total. @GuardianNews is 2nd with 25,992, @TimesFashion 3rd with 24,762 and @FinancialTimes 4th with 19,923.

Complete list of national newspaper Twitter accounts

Other findings:

  • Glorified RSS Out of 121 accounts, just 19 do something other than running as a glorified RSS feed. The other 114 do no retweeting, no replying to other tweets etc. (The 19 are the ones with a blue background in their URL and a yes in the last column).
  • No following. They don’t do much following. Leaving GuardianTech out of it, there are 236,963 followers of these accounts, but they follow just 59,797. Are newspapers bringing their no-linking-out approach to Twitter? Or is it just because they’re pumping RSS feeds straight to Twitter, and therefore see no reason to engage with the community?
  • Rapid drop-off There are only six Twitter accounts with more than 10,000 followers. I suspect many of these accounts are invisible to most people as the newspapers aren’t engaging much – no RTing of other people’s tweets means those other people don’t have an obvious way to realise the newspaper accounts exist.
  • Sun and Mirror are laggards The Sun and Mirror have a lot of work to do – they have few accounts with any followers. And they don’t promote their Twitter accounts on their sites. The Mail only seems to have one account but it is the 20th largest in terms of followers.

More on newspaper Twitter accounts:

Some papers publish lists of their Twitter accounts:

Other useful places:

  • Newspaper people on Twitter from mediaUK
  • Newspaper titles on Twitter (inc local) from mediaUK
  • Twitian – a list of people at the Guardian who use Twitter (and their latest tweets), created by Paul Carvill.
  • #followjourn – a daily recommendation service from Journalism.co.uk.

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